Litigation Support 

Building your business sustainability

Helping our clients gather evidence and intelligence at every stage of the litigation process.

We provide litigation support to clients in order to design and implement investigation strategies and obtain admissible evidence. We find critical, admissible evidence; identify sources who can shed light on key issues; and we provide the necessary background and context to help shape the case, be it litigation or arbitration. We have expertise and experience in asset tracing, where our global reach and knowledge of corporate structures is vital. Over the past decade, we have supported clients across many areas of legal strategy, including witness identification, expert testimony, interviews and input into statements of claim. Frequently, our findings have helped bring about a negotiated settlement.

Building your business sustainability

Key features of our litigation support service include:

Ø  Extensive legal and compliance expertise

Ø  Highly professional approach to investigative work

Ø  Admissible evidence and intelligence gathering

Ø  Determination of a counterparty’s assets and international relationships

Ø  Identification and tracking of potential witnesses

Ø  Establishment of witness or counterparty background issues

Ø  Determination of the veracity of allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud or breach of contract

Ø  Proving breaches of intellectual property rights

Ø  Partnering with client’s external legal resources


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Vast Industrial Expertise – We have on team members with both first hand managerial experience as well as long consultancy practice with a dedicated personnel trained in integral due diligence.
  • Global reach – We have developed close partnership with industry leaders, which enables us to maintain and constantly evolve our global network.
  • Flexible approach – Our service is flexible and can apply different levels of scrutiny to the subjects of our assignments, according to client needs and the nature of the project.
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